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The Secret of "Eternal" Youth

( Utopia or a reality? For whom could that become a reality or is it already?)


How do you recognize a person who processes already "Eternal Youth"?

At his/her appearance and radiation!

  • only his / her eyes, his / her speeches reveal his / her age!

  • his / her expressions do not fit to a younger one!

  • their movements, their looking (face or body) is younger and more elastic as at a younger one!

  • his / her behaviour with others! He / she is more comprehensive, more tolerant and lenient as others ... because of his / her experience, wisdom and foresight!

  • He / She is already part of the eternity and therefore a centre and source of peace.

  • You feel fine, enriched and inspired in his / her surrounding!

  • He / She has no difficulties dealing with adults or children, but he / she is also more serious and strict than others! (It always depends on that was is demanded and he / she is very flexible.)

  • He / she is extremely attentive and respectful towards others.

  • Did I forget something? For sure! You just have to meet someone and to observe him attentively.

What are the pre-conditions for "Eternal Youth"?

1.) Health (in the meaning of being: „in full possession of his or her physical, intellectual & spiritual strengths“!) and therefore a perfect example of radiating health and joy of life!

2.) Diet: vegetarian Raw food Diet (uncooked, unprocessed  viands, no meat or meat products!) combined with eating of weeds and herbs out of nature!

3.) Fasting: regular decontaminating of the body [once a week, each morning (until lunch), several times several days or weeks!]

4.) Yoga & Meditation: taking care to remain centred, God-communion

5.) Self-Realisation which includes "being attentive to the spiritual laws of life"!

6.) World Picture: Age is not a condition ... actually it is a way of thinking!“  (You become old because of your lifestyle, your way of thinking and living and not because it is predesigned by the creator of man!)

7.) "Love is more than only a word!" It is a life-style, a behaviour towards others, animals, nature and yourself!! (German)


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